Thank you to everyone who joined our livestream today at the 2023 National Championships. There were some great matches, including some upsets, which makes tomorrow’s semi-finals and finals even more interesting.

We’ve got another great line-up of Open division matches on our livestream tomorrow. Also, there have been several people streaming matches on their own Facebook accounts that aren’t being show on our stream, so make sure you’re checking Facebook tomorrow to see if anyone you know has matches on their feed.

Racquetball Canada will be broadcasting live via Racquetball Canada’s Facebook Page and through Racquetball Canada’s YouTube Channel. Tim Baghurst and Jeffrey Thompson do an outstanding job and we appreciate the special guests who have been able to join them over the past couple of days.

Draws can be found at this link. Please note that the draw is subject to change and start times for matches are approximate.

Complete tournament and spectator information can be found at this link.

And lastly, a reminder to like and share our livestream please! The more people who watch, the more we grow our sport and the better chance we have of being able to continue doing a live broadcast in the future. We need your support.