Long-Term Development Resource Now Available

Over the past several months we have been doing important work on long term development in our sport. The outcome is a new Long-Term Development framework which represents current best practice in attracting athletes to the sport, retaining them, and helping them reach their full potential.

To accomplish this, we undertook an in-depth analysis of the skills and capabilities to reach full potential, created the Badge Program to help athletes progress and reviewed the competition structure and rules.

The Long-Term Development framework lays out how Racquetball Canada will develop athletes in the coming years as it strives to help Canada achieve its twin goals of creating a healthier, more active population while increasing Canada’s racquetball success on the world stage.

To do this means moving from a focus on athlete development to a focus on all elements of quality sport – not just athletes, but also coaches, officials, and volunteers.

Racquetball Canada is grateful for the work of the following people who developed our new Long-Term Development framework and completed the competition review:

  • Dr. Colin Higgs
  • Mitch Brayley
  • Kathy Brook
  • Kurtis Cullen
  • Darrell Davis
  • Cheryl McKeeman
  • Terry Nelson
  • Evan Pritchard
  • Jen Saunders 

You will find the new Long-Term Development framework on our website. We encourage you to use it when planning programs at the provincial and club level.

You are also welcome to print personal copies for use but please always check our website to ensure the version you are using is the latest information.